Thank you for your interest and support of  SPIN Salon. 

Before we can allow entry into the shop we are required to ask a few questions and to inform you of the protocols we are following, to insure the well being of everyone involved. 

Please take the time to read this information carefully, and respond to your stylist that you’ve read, understood the information, and will comply with the rules we’ve been asked to implement. 

Thanks in advance!


What you can do:


-First and most importantly. If you are experiencing fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, loss of sense of smell, vomiting, or diarrhea, at the time of your appointment or ten days prior, please cancel your appointment and let us know. 


-Please come to your appointment alone. Guests are not permitted. 


-Please arrive at your appointment time or just before. There is no waiting room chairs. 


-Upon arrival please text, or phone your stylist to inform them you have arrived. Wait to be escorted into the shop. 


-Use the hand sanitizer provided at the entrance. 


-Provide and wear a mask upon entry.  No exceptions. If you do not bring a mask one may be available for purchase. (Dependent upon availability)


-Please maintain 2 meters between yourself and other customers and staff, where possible.  Follow the marked entry and exit “flow” to navigate the salon. 


-Depending on the service you are receiving, if possible, please arrive with clean, dry hair. 


-As much as we’ve missed you, and desperately want to, there is no hugging or other contact allowed. 


-Please don’t handle retail products on our shelves. Your stylist will be happy to discuss, recommend and ring in any purchases you might require.  


-Please limit all non essential personal items (jackets, umbrellas etc)


-No food or drinks will be provided while in the salon. Other than bottled water, which must be taken with you upon exiting. 


-We encourage you to use the washroom before arriving. 


What we are doing:


-Installing plexiglass barriers at specific areas that are difficult to maintain a social distance. 


-Providing taped out “flow” lanes to better allow for social distancing when navigating the shop, entering and exiting. 


-Accepting Etransfers as a touch free payment option. 


-Cleaning ATM after every transaction 


-Providing sanitized capes and towels for each client. 


-Enhancing surface sanitation in high touch areas after each client. 


-Respecting physical distancing measures. 


-Utilizing Personal Protective Equipment. 


-Providing hand sanitizer at entry, bathroom, and each station. 


-Reducing staff volume, by working in shifts, to comply with occupancy limits. 


-Reducing accepted appointments per day, to allow time for proper sanitation between clients. 


-Reducing amount of clients booked per hour, to comply with occupancy limits and social distancing guidelines. 


Lastly, we appreciate how patient and supportive all our clients have been through this whole ordeal.  It has been incredibly difficult and emotional, wondering what the outcome of all this will be. 


To be able to comply with these safety measures we have had to cut our team in half and alternate work days. We can no longer “squeeze” in clients, while other clients are processing. We have to limit the amount of clients we can see in the work day, so we have time to sanitize EVERYTHING in between each client. We can no longer accept “walk in” clients either. 

All this, as you can understand, drastically reduces the amount of potential income we can earn each week. 

We’re not sure of the exact ramifications of these protocols, but we may be forced to increase our service prices to accommodate these measures. We hope you can understand, if this is the case. Please know we will do everything in our power to ensure we keep our pricing as competitive as possible, while trying to provide a warm and welcoming Salon experience. 

Mostly we want you to feel confident that you will be safe while in our salon. 


Looking forward to seeing you soon. 


The SPIN Salon Team!!

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